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Original Minimax Telescoping Stool

The Original Minimax telescoping Stool  is made in Israel!

Get to know the MiniMax

The MiniMax (Minimax) is a marvel stool made in israel, that can be folded into a 7 cm thick disc. Minimax is adjustable for any height you want: low in height, depending on the location or purpose. And made of high quality polyamide - a material known for its strength and durability over time. Minimax has been sold successfully worldwide!


This marvelous stool can carry up to 120kg, but weighs only 1.1kg.

Please beware of imitations!

More details can be found on here 


Safety Tests

The Original telescoping stool is made from Material- polyamide a material known for its resistance and durability, a material that can resist all kinds of weather conditions and is also considered to be an environmentally friendly material. 



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