Where Can I Take Mini Max?

Travel and events

Stargazing, bird watching, hiking, museums, picnics, festivals, concerts, etc.

Anywhere with a line or limited sitting

The post office, amusement parks, the train, crowded bus stations, or when you’re waiting all night to be the first to buy that new smartphone or the latest book in your favorite series.


If you’re a farmer, electrician, technician, musician, painter, photographer, gardener, guard, salesperson or anyone else who stands up for hours to serve the rest of us, and could use to sit down from time to time, consider taking Mini Max to work. Of course, we don’t want to get you in trouble, so consult with your boss before using Mini Max at work. Hey, maybe she can buy the stool for you – and your coworkers, too!

Open // Close // Fold

How Do I Open the Stool?

  1. Hold both sides using the designated spots.
  2. Pull to open, while making a slight turn.
  3. Stop at the desired height (7-45 cm).

How Do I Close the Stool?

  1. Hold on both sides.
  2. Slightly turn it and open to its maximum height.
  3. Pull down.

How Do I Fold the Strap?

  1. Close the snap button.
  2. Wrap the strap around the seat.

How Do I Prevent Damaging My Mini Max Stool?

  1. When sitting on it: Don’t bend the stool. Instead, keep full contact between the segments.
  2. When taking Mini Max to sandy terrain: If sand has gotten into your Mini Max, wash it with water to get the sand out.

Weight, Height & Carry Options

How Much Weight Can I Put on Mini Max?

Mini Max can handle up to 120 kg.

What are My Height Options?

Anywhere from 7 to 45 cm, so it works for both kids and adults, and pretty much any situation.

How Can I Carry Mini Max?

Since it’s small and only weighs 1.25 kg, it’s very easy to carry. If you have a large bag, take it in the bag. If you carry a small purse, hang it over your shoulder. If you’re commuting by car, put it in the trunk. In fact, Mini Max is so small, you can easily fit multiple stools in your car – as long as they’re folded, of course.


We created Mini Max to make your life easier, so if you have any question, we’re here for you. Contact us and we’ll do our best to help you out as soon as possible.