In love with the nature? then you must try the mini max stool at hiking,camping,fishing, or other outdoor events!

This stool can also fiit for your daily work:

Technical positions ,Agriculture ,Artists, Travel and leisure, Daily life ,National and personal festivities, Corporate world, Security and protection  -Take a look that’s just a partial list!

Color: Gray
  • The Mini-Max is a stylish, multi-purpose, folding and portable quality stool

  • The stool can be adjusted to the desired height - high and low, according to the place, the purpose and even according to your mood.


  • The stool is suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor activities: Travel (fits in a suitcase), Hiking, Museums, Shows, Picnics, Camping, fishing(won't sink in the sand), Outdoor events, Can be used on the bus/subway/train station.

  • Collapsible astronomy observing chair for small telescopes

  • A utility stool for painter, photographers and musicians / Gift idea

  • The best and the greatest feature in this stool that he doesn't sink into the sand unlike others camping stools and chairs.

  • Warning: To prevent damage avoid bending the stool while sitting (keep full contact between the segments).

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